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How to Grow a Powerful Brand Through Podcast?

While podcasts have been around in the west for several years, the Indian audience is now finally tuning more to this medium. No doubt, the podcast has a niche audience but it can definitely do well if utilized correctly. With the increase in Indian smartphone users, this audio medium is slowly and steadily gaining exposure. For many budding entrepreneurs, it is the best source for gaining inspiration and skills. Some companies have also joined the podcast revolution to build their brand and expand their community. It is one of the easiest channels to share a message and increase the brand presence. Unlike other platforms, one can’t skip the advertisement in the podcast, so it also makes sure that the listener hears about your brand.Entrepreneur India spoke to experts to know few tips for building a powerful brand through the podcast.

Identify the Target Audience:

According to Amit Doshi Founder of Indus Vox Media or IVM Podcast, the content must be the primary objective of the podcast. It cannot be an infomercial for the brand.

“It’s essential the brand identifies its target audience and whether they are the kind of audience who will listen to a podcast. Find out if the brand is targeted towards digital natives (a person born or brought up during the age of digital technology)? There is a trend of digital natives using ad blocking software limiting their exposure to marketing messages, a podcast is a great place to get that messaging out,” he said.

Create Awareness:

There are many advantages of the podcast so it is always important to create a remarkable content that can engage your audience.Amit feels a podcast is a piece of content created for the brand so marketing it aggressively is essential.”There are many podcasts available in the world, so always make sure you create an awareness of a branded podcast,” he added.One of the best parts of building a podcast is the credibility it can add.

Promote Your Podcast:

Jesse Kay, Speaker & Podcaster suggests to cross-promote multiple social media platforms in the episode.”For example, a podcaster could mention their social handles during an episode of the show or post a clip on their social channels every time an episode goes up. In addition, Network, Network, and Network. The power of a podcast is that you can ask large public figures to speak to your audience. This gives massive leverage as you are providing value for them to connect with your own audience,” shared Kay.

Kay is currently working on his podcast 20 Under 20’s and has amassed 2,00,000 listens.

Be Consistent:

2017 was definitely the breakout year for podcasts around the world.Neil Patel, Host of the Indian Startup Show (A weekly podcast about Indian entrepreneurs) emphasized that it’s a great time for brands to create a podcast.

“Always be consistent. If you say you do a weekly podcast then do a weekly podcast, that way you can build loyalty with your listeners. Also, make sure to integrate your brand into your existing channels like social media, newsletter, website etc. For big brands, podcasts open up new content marketing opportunities, allowing them to connect with their audience on a more intimate level, thereby can add value to a brand. At this moment, very few brands are doing this, but that will change as more brands realize the advantages of getting involved,” he added.


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