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Ep. 45 – Build it Better, Build it Right – with Zack Hopkins

I just met Zack Hopkins a few weeks ago at Generation Now in Toronto, and this guy has an incredible story: he’s 23, CEO & Founder of Hoppy2U, host of Build it Better, and one of the youngest general contractors in the U.S.


Like many young entrepreneurs, Zack wants to have a positive impact on the world. “From a very young age, I really understood that I enjoy money, service, and helping people – and when all of those three things are able to come in at the same time, I just felt very passionate about being able to do that again and again and again.”


There are two big things that Zack suggests to a young entrepreneur:


  1. First, find what you’re good at – and your late teen years is the perfect time to do this self-discovery.
  2. Then find a mentor who can help you get even better at that thing. It doesn’t have to, like Zack, be your parent – just find someone who has been there before and gone through what you’re going through.



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