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Ep. 33 – Becoming a Pro Skateboarder & Entrepreneur – with Mikey Taylor

Mikey Taylor is a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and real estate investor.


Mikey started skating, like most kids do, when he was a teenager and his friends were doing it – but it really connected with him. He worked with the one kid on his street who owned a camera and started filming tapes (on VHS) so that he could find sponsors and make it a job.


His first attempt, around the age of 16, took six months… and no one called him back.


So Mikey tried again and tried harder, and this time he got a shoe, clothing, and skate sponsor – and, as it turns out, this determination is the same thing that makes Mikey a great entrepreneur today. He doesn’t take failure as a no, but instead a reason to try even harder.


“Failure doesn’t mean the end. Failure is just part of the process for you to get where you want to go. Once I learned that… and started looking at failure as an everyday occurrence, I really started having more success in things other than skateboarding.”


Now Mikey is working on two new ventures: an online learning platform and a real estate investment and development company. Over the next 10 years, his vision is to grow those businesses so that he can make an even greater impact – and, ultimately, leverage that impact to change the foster system.



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