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Ep. 30 – Developing the Entrepreneur’s Work Ethic & Empowering Others w/ Your Business – with Josh Levin of Empowered Electric

Josh Levin is the Founder of Empowered Electric, a commercial electric company that specializes in high-end projects like restaurants, theaters, and other large spaces. Josh is taking an unconventional approach to building a company in an old school industry, and he’s seen tremendous success over the past three years.


Josh had a rough childhood, and he grew up being told that he would fail due to his circumstances.


But, early on, Josh had his first taste of being an entrepreneur – and he was hooked on the empowering freedom that it offered. Although he often had to work twice as hard as someone else to get the same results, he developed grit and discipline that are now invaluable as a business owner.


Josh later had an opportunity to apprentice with an electrician, and this was hugely impactful – unlike college, where you pay to learn, apprenticeships and internships will pay you to learn a skill. He worked harder than anybody else, and it paid off.


“Have a great attitude and work your ass off, and you will get noticed.”


Josh stayed with that company for 10 years before founding his Empowered Electric, but he realized that he had to make more money if he wanted to make a bigger impact and empower other people who grew up being told they would fail – and that’s why he named his company Empower.




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