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Ep. 20 – Influencer Marketing, eCommerce, & The Holy Méme Bible – with Jason Wong

Jason Wong is a 19-year-old entrepreneur and social media influencer who has amassed more than 2M followers. Today he owns a digital marketing agency plus several ecommerce stores, and his companies are projected to make $12M in revenue this year.

The Value of School

Looking back at school, Jason is glad he went because it taught him discipline, time management, and social skills that he was lacking beforehand. All of these transferable skills him get to where he is now.

Marketing & The Meme Bible

Jason leverages his social media influence to grow his businesses and market products. He likes to to make content that is interesting enough to go viral because it saves marketing costs and allows the product or brand to grow organically.

The Meme Bible is a meme coloring book that highlights this strategy, in both subject and marketing. During the book’s first seven days on the market, Jason was able to leverage his, at the time, 1.4M followers (mostly on Tumblr) to generate $100k in revenue.

The book has grown into a brand and, later this year, they’ll be releasing three new meme-related products, including a meme cookbook.

Hey, Entrepreneurs: Start Early

“Even if you only have an idea today, it’s better than having nothing tomorrow.”


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