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Ep. 19 – Access Your Success: Connect, Collaborate, and Inspire – with Dylan Gambardella

Today we’re sharing an episode of the Access Your Success hour on Teens of America Radio that Jesse co-hosted with Sean Mulroney.

The co-hosts interview Dylan Gambardella, Co-Founder of the Next Gen Summit, about growing the Next Gen community, why collaboration trumps competition, and balancing entrepreneurship with college.




Collaboration > Competition

“The way to the most success possible, for any individual, is never going to be through pure competition.” –Dylan Gambardella

Success follow people who give significantly more than they ask or take.

Too much of business, and live, is transactional. People are often only willing to offer something if they are offered something in return; it’s all quid pro quo.

However, you want your relationships to be friendships – not transactions. This is what surfaces relationships that have true value, and it paves the way towards true collaboration.

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