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Ep. 15 – We Were Born to be Legendary: #BUHeroesRiseUp – with Dave Boddy

We were born to be legendary – not ordinary.

Today’s youths are under an intense amount of pressure in school, at home, and online, and we’re usually being funneled down the same life path. We need more inspirational voices out there pushing us to rise above ordinary.

Dave Boddy, Founder of the BUHeroes Community, is creating a platform where teens can inspire each other. His mission is to recognize youths who are empowering and inspiring their communities while overcoming obstacles through resiliency, focus, and the adaptation.


You will discover…

  • Why Dave created the BUHeroes Community after leaving being discharged from brain injury rehab
  • How inspiring youths become BUHeroes
  • Why effort and consistency are more important than passion (if you want to be successful)




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